Skip the gym, grab a friend and strut your stuff! Our Florence Instasculpt jeans instantly microsculpt your legs, butt and midsection, so you can forget about your workout today and take the city by storm. You know we’ve got your #bestassets covered.


Oh what a feeling! There you are, standing doe-eyed, looking at your seemingly endless options and trying to narrow down which one works best for you. Do you feel butterflies? Which one catches your eye? It sounds a lot like dating, doesn’t it? The only difference here is, all of our options are high-quality, reliable, smart and here to service your needs. Unfortunately, we can’t promise the same for your dating pool.


Our denim might be smart, but it doesn’t have eyes, so what you did between leaving the office last night and arriving back there this morning in the same pair of DL jeans is between you, and your DLs. We’re just here to provide you with the perfect excuse(s) as to why you can meet up with your friends for happy hour again:
1. Your butt looks just as cute in your DLs today as it did yesterday.
2. Your jeans are impeccably crafted, so you know they won’t sag, bag, or lose their shape.
3. You look like you lost 5 pounds, thanks DLX! (it couldn’t be the vodka soda, right?)
4. You can drop it low, pick it up slow, and dance the night away in your 360 degree denim.
5. Or you can drop it low, pick it up slow and roll it all around in blue cheese dressing because you’re chowing down on some wings and beer tonight, put that stretch denim to the test!


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Oh yes, do we have a gift for you! Stay tuned to find out how YOU can win 3 Essential Styles from the DL1961 Collection!



From dark-wash, to mid-wash, to light-wash jeans, and every color in between, we’re feeling shades of blue, what’s your hue?


Nearly everyone wants to tone, lift and sculpt their backside, right? People spend hours each day grinding it out at the gym, doing lunges, leg lifts, squats and countless tush-tigthening exercises dreaming of the day they can fit back into those skinny jeans, or have their twenty-year-old booty back. But what if your jeans could do all that work for you? Don’t get me wrong, working out is great, but wouldn’t it be just a little easier if you could maybe have one of those fake-it-’til-you-make-it butts? Or perhaps one that looks perfectly toned and sculpted all the time, regardless of how many times you skipped the gym this month? We think so, and that’s why our jeans are designed to do the slimming and lifting for you with our revolutionary fit technology. So skip the gym, because the only stairs you’ll need to take are the ones to meet your friends.


Can you blame us? Our eco-friendly dlpro fabric is not only better for the environment, using less water, less waste, and less dye, but it’s also unbelievably soft to the touch with magnificent sheen. So don’t be surprised when you find your hands creeping in to your back pockets a bit more often, we know it feels nice, it’s #dlpro.


Pay attention to detail. There’s a science to perfecting those distressed denim skinnies we know and love! And it takes a whole lot of #denimnerds to achieve the ideal loved-in and lived-in look, just look at those shreds and tears…perfection!


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A woman’s figure is one of the most beautiful shapes to meet the eye. Trace the outline of her curves and you’ll find something sexy, something mysterious, and something that deserves to be adorned in only the finest, most luxurious fabrics and fits to compliment the way her body moves when she does. A woman feels good when she looks good, and exudes a confidence and happiness that radiates from every fiber of her being when she knows she has it going on, and that’s exactly why we design our jeans to be the best fitting, most flattering pair you’ve ever slipped in to. Our DLX 4-way stretch fabric contours your body, while our slim fit tones and tighten your look without restricting movement, making our jeans universally flattering for every shape or size. So treat your curves to something good, we promise they’ll thank you (just look at your silhouette in those Instagram photos, we told you so)!


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The concrete jungle is the perfect backdrop for distressed denim. There’s no easier way to nail that “casually cool” street-chic city style than by pairing our deconstructed denim with a graphic tee or tank top. Try our Florence in Phoebe jeans for more of a structured fit, or our Riley in Fury boyfriend jeans for a more relaxed, laid-back look. Add a flannel for some extra flare. Take a selfie against a graffitied backdrop and guess what? You’ve nailed all the necessary components for your street-chic selfie. Now doesn’t that feel good?


When you hear the word “denim” what typically comes to mind? It probably isn’t “comfort” or “flexibility”-but it should be! With our smart denim technology, we’ve created the perfect fitting jean that gives you 4-way stretch and 360 degrees of movement, so you can feel free to drop it low, pick it up slow, and koundinyasa your way in to our in our pants whenever you feel the urge. Come on, you know you want to give it a try.


With all of the denim washes out there, the task of finding a blue hue that works for you can seem overwhelming, to say the least. Should you stick with a darker wash if you’re trying to create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette, or can a light wash skinny jean work wonders for elongating your legs? And what about a distressed mid-wash jean, does that style work well for both a daytime, and nighttime look? Well, we have good new for you! Because our jeans are crafted from technologically advanced fibers that move 360 degrees, and are designed to slim, tone and lift your backside, we’ve taken the stress out of your decision making process as every wash and style is designed to make you look your best! With smart denim technology behind every jean in our collection, you can rest assured that every shade of blue can be your best hue. Now how’s that for having the blues?

#Emma #Technology


When it comes to classic All-American style, few pieces are more authentically “American” than the denim jean. So this July 4th weekend, let’s celebrate in style and pay tribute to this great country we love by rocking our favorite denim looks!

#Lola #DenimVest


…jean that is. Fitted through the hips and thighs with a little extra room from the knee to ankle, the cigarette jean is a stepped-up departure from your skinny jean regime, giving you a more relaxed fit that is equally cool as it is versatile. Modern twists on this classic style play with different fabrics, textures and bright colors, like red, yellow or royal blue, but basic black and blue are always timeless wardrobe staples, so it’s no wonder our Nicky in Riker, Waverly and Wooster make the list of must-have closet-essentials. Dress them up with stilettos and a fitted top for a night out, or wear them with sneakers and a basic t-shirt for a casually-cool look (throw on a leather jacket to take it up a notch and really channel your inner-James Dean). The looser fit around the ankle is practically designed so you can wear the them with any shoe, so this is especially good for those of you who like to switch up your style. Worn on the outside of your sneakers, hovered over your heels, or tucked into your booties, our Nicky cigarette jeans look awesome across the board. And not only do they look awesome, but they feel amazing, too! Using our innovative fit technologies and superior fabric blends, we’ve created a perfect-fitting, stretch denim that offers you 360 degrees of movement, so you can take your cool with you wherever you go. Just remember: cigarette=bad, cigarette jeans=smokin’ hot.

For denim that moves with you, it’s all in the technology! Check out the gorgeous Yendi Phillips for DL1961 in “We’ve Got Good Genes.” Our technologically advanced stretch fabric gives you 360 degrees of movement, so you can always rest assured that we have your back (and bottom!) covered.

Creative Director- Fidge Fletcher @the_style_factor
Photographer- Wade Rhoden @waderhoden
Model- Yendi Phillipps @yendizzle
Makeup- Sue Ann Gregg @suethemakeupgirl
KERRYmanwomanhome @KERRYmwh for DL


Beyond our tried and true perfect fit, what makes DL1961 a premium denim brand is the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into each piece we produce. From the embroidered DL logo on the back pocket, to our gold and silver DL1961 rivets, we’re all about bringing you high-quality pieces designed to elevate your personal style. Come on now, tell me that isn’t absolutely riveting.


High-rise jeans are not your mom’s jeans—they’re sleek, sexy and have the ability to make you look Sandy-from-Grease hot with one slip up your legs. From my experience and observation, it seems as though men don’t usually “get” the high-rise trend, but who cares? We’re dressing for ourselves and I’m here to tell you they look damn good. Finding a great pair of these jeans is crucial to pulling them off, so make sure you look for the perfect fit and fabric. They should hit right at your bellybutton, with a front-rise measuring around 10”-10.5”. Hitting at this place on your body both sucks in, and tightens, your frame, making your waist look super narrow. This is, of course, perfect for those of you wanting a little more coverage around the hip area, or simply those of you who just want to flatter your gorgeous curves with a smooth silhouette.

Equally as important to the fit is the fabric, because you want something that is structured, but has the stretch and flexibility to move with you. That’s why our Nina in Riker jeans are the perfect pick! Constructed with our revolutionary dlpro fabric, Nina in Riker is a 4-way stretch denim that gives you 360 degrees of movement. Unlike other fabrics that can restrict movement, leaving you with a stiff look and uncomfortable feeling, dlpro is a technologically advanced fabric designed to keep you moving. That’s right, you can safely go about your day without any pulling, tugging, hiking up, or worrying about what’s falling out of where because you’re wearing the best fitting 24/7 high-rise denim. So remember- this style can be a bit risky, but if you have the perfect fit and stretch fabric, you can definitely walk the high-line, and let me tell you…the view looks good!

#Nina #Riker #NYC #NewYorkMoment #Highline #360degreedenim


It’s the weekend and you know what that means- time to pack up your cutest outfits for a weekend away! These #Emma in Spring leggings are the perfect pop of color for summer, and the white denim jacket is essential for when temperatures start dropping in the evening (especially if you’re like me after a little sunburn- everything starts to feel like the arctic tundra once the sun sets). So pack up and peel off, and be sure to take your #DLtogo- Bon Voyage!


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Distressed white denim is perfect for summer. Throw on some bold accessories and accent pieces to make your look even edgier. You know we love turning heads.

#dl1961 #Amanda


It’s time to shop for summer essentials! Now through Sunday, get 30% off all white denim and shorts with our #SummerSale. You won’t want to miss this!


The city is such a beautiful place, especially on those days when the sun is shining down through the trees tops and the gentle beams of light hit your face in the most delicate way, turning up the corners of your mouth as you smile and let the feelings of warmth and happiness engulf you. There’s a tranquility that sets in, even if only for a few fleeting moments, as you feel the chaos of the city around you subside and it is only you, in this moment, savoring the simplicity of it all. Everything that once seemed to bother you, all of the troubles that had been running through your mind, all of the back and forths and to-do lists gone undone feel so inconsequential as they fall to the wayside and time slows down. You start hearing things you once tuned out—those birds chirping, the leaves blowing in the street, kids playing in the park—and life seems so pure. It’s just you now, at peace with your inner-most thoughts. You’re in love, and you feel like you’ve been floating through time in a dream since you met him. Happiness radiates from your every pore when you think of him, and you can’t wait until the next time you get to see his face because every moment apart feels like time wasted. You’ve fallen in love with life all over again, and it is completely euphoric. You are in a state of sheer and utter #bliss.

#Angel #Bliss #DL1961


…I will, because it’s so necessary. Finding jeans that fit so comfortably they feel like leggings, but are structured enough to keep your backside looking toned and tightened all day, is no easy task. You know the struggle ladies—It seems as though every time you opt for a legging, you have to sacrifice shape, and every time you opt for a more form fitting shape, you have to sacrifice comfort and flexibility. But with our dlpro collection, you can have both. All of our jeans constructed with the technologically advanced dlpro material are crafted using an exclusive blend of Dual-Flex and ProModal fibers, giving our garments an incredible hand feel and rich color. They are softer, lighter and offer 360 degrees of movement— how many jeans do you know that can do that? Plus, they boast 98% retention, so your jeans will never sag, bag or lose their shape. So yes, you can have your cake and eat it too (literally, because these babies are made for stretching).

And what’s more? You’re not just looking good when you slip into dlpro, you’re doing good, too. That’s because dlpro is a superior product that uses less water, less waste and less dye, making it the first ever eco-friendly denim. Who would’ve thought your ass could be so fabulous? So make a difference, make a statement, and #Bragg about your booty because the technology behind your behind is what makes it even sexier.

#dl1961 #Angie #fabulass


We all know that distressed denim is having a major fashion moment right now, so why not take the shreddage up a notch with a pair of our Corie in Commodore denim shorts? Instead of delicately embracing the trend, these shorts will have you owning the trend with heavy front panel destruction that lets your thighs play a sexy peek-a-boo game all day long. The relaxed boyfriend fit and stretch denim lend comfort to the style, while the rolled cuffs and slim shape keep it looking casually cool and tailored to your frame. This is a look you’ll want to commandeer this summer, so go grab yourself a pair of the Commodore.

#dl1961 #Corie #distresseddenim


The skinny jean may have been the popular girl in high school, but the flare is the knockout who flew under the radar all those years and reemerged at the ten year reunion looking hotter and fresher and than ever, stealing the spotlight from everyone around her. She’s the one you look at thinking, “Damn, how could I have possibly missed that?!” And while you’re busy kicking yourself for overlooking such a dime, she’s out there taking center stage, finally garnering the attention she deserves. But don’t worry, lucky for you this dime is back in a big way…and she’s giving you a second chance.

In a market saturated with skinny silhouettes, the flare is often overlooked and underappreciated. But come on, what has more character than a flare jean that throws it back to the iconic style of the 1960’s and 70’s? When worn with a heel—which is a must, ladies—the flare elongates your legs in the most flattering way, making you look inches taller with stems for days. And what’s great about this look is that you can go in so many different directions with it. Pair your high-waisted denim flares with a denim top for a super-1970’s inspired look, or go classic by adding a printed blouse and jacket. Throw on a striped top and bright red wedges for a nautical take on things, or keep it sweet, simple and modern by pairing your flares with a sleek tank top. This look can be reinterpreted in a multitude of ways, so go ahead and move those babies from the bottom of your drawer to the top of your shelf because this look is back, and what’s more charming for summer than adding a little flare to your style?

#DL1961 #Joy #Flare #summerstyle


It’s time to roll one up and blaze through the city with my boyfriend. Not in quite the same way you’re thinking of now, but we’re all about the chill vibes for this style, too. For the ultimate chill daytime look, throw on a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and cuff the bottoms to give it a more polished finish. Pair your jeans with a tank top and sneakers to take the sexy-cool borrowed-from-the-boys look up a notch, and don’t be surprised by how many people start coming up to you trying to light up a conversation—You’re rad as $@*# !

#Riley #boyfriendjeans #Amurrica


Distressed denim is the ultimate cool-kid trend. There’s something so fierce about the worn and torn look that it can turn even the sweetest of girls-next-door into a total badass babe. Ripped-up jeans give off a casually cool vibe without looking sloppy, and will instantly become your go-to pair because it’s almost as if you’ve owned them forever (you’ve had those for years, right?). So jump into a pair and strut your stuff because you are distressed to impress.

#dl1961 #distresseddenim #Florence #Phoebe


What comes to mind when you hear the word “Bardot”? For me, it’s a blonde bombshell—and none other than actress, singer, model and sex symbol, Brigitte Bardot. So, it’s no wonder that as soon as I slip into a pair of DL’s Bardot style jeans, I feel myself channeling the 1950’s and 60’s style icon in a way that pays tribute to her sexy confidence and bold sense of femininity. With a rich cherry color and curve-hugging fit, the Bardot makes a statement without saying a word, drawing eyes from all corners of the room. This high-rise, retro-fit cropped jean gives you a look that is effortless chic and effortlessly sexy, in true Bardot fashion.

#DL1961 #Bardot #washwednesday


Who can say no to a little afternoon delight? We certainly can’t refuse a sweet PM pick-me-up, especially when it’s summer and we know we have some extra stretch in our denim.

#dl1961 #stretchdenim


We might not have been lucky enough to go on tour with Taylor Swift, but our Emma skinny jeans were! The gorgeous singer brought our Emma skinnies in Antigua on the Red Tour with her, taking the theme of the tour up a notch with a perfectly paired red wash denim. Our super stretch fabric made it easy for her to rock out all night and crowd surf with fans, giving new meaning to the phrase “performance denim.”

#DL1961 #performancedenim #TBT


There’s a certain kind of excitement you get from seeing a vision through from conception to fruition, especially in fashion. We love playing with all the different colors and fabrics, and getting that first sneak peak of the design elements for the upcoming collections!



I am not really a “gym person”—I don’t like running on treadmills, I’m not particularly fond of lifting weights or using weird machines, and I don’t like when guys try to creep on your personal space (no offense dudes, the gym is just a no-no). I get bored, and all I can think about is how many more minutes I have to fake enthusiasm for the elliptical before I can reasonably exit the vicinity without running the risk of getting those judgmental glares from the front desk people. (Come on lady, you and I both know it’s only been 15 minutes, but I just can’t today…don’t judge me). That’s why I’m partial to classes, because they switch up the pace, keep you interested with fun music and attentive instructors, and work out all parts of your body in a way that’s effective, but not over-the-top. And that’s what I liked about today’s Sculpt Fusion class at Uplift Studio, because let’s be serious, I’m not trying to be a body builder, I’m just trying to keep it tight and toned.

Uplift Studio is a cute, all-women boutique fitness studio located on 23rd between 5th and 6th. The space is relatively small, but it lends itself to more individualized, focused workouts among only a handful of people. In today’s class, there were four of us. What’s great about this Sculpt Fusion workout is that it incorporates a variety of sculpting techniques, from light free weights, to body weight, to resistance bands and yoga-inspired movements. The class focuses on toning your trouble zones with a series of targeted exercises, and our instructor had us moving into all sorts of challenging poses, pulsing with free weights for our upper body, and resistance bands for our glutes and thighs. It’s perfect for those of you like myself who like low impact but high intensity workouts. It gets your whole body working by combining vigorous flow sequences with arm and leg work, balance and core strengthening series to give you that svelte look you want for summer. We all know our short shorts are chomping at the bit to get a piece of action now that the warmer weather’s here, so why not give them a sexy bums up to kick it off with? If you’re looking for total body toning and want to avoid those scary Barry’s Bootcamp-type workouts, try giving Sculpt Fusion a go!

#TransformationTuesday #DLfitness #classpass #bumsup


On the market for a new boyfriend? Well you’re in luck. While we can’t promise this boyfriend will have much to say, we can promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all he has to offer. DL1961′s sexy slim boyfriend jean is crafted with our softest, most lightweight denim for an easy-to-wear, incredibly chic style that will have you ditching your skinnies in favor of this much more comfortable look. Dress them up with a pair of sky-high stilettos, or keep it simple with a cool t-shirt or sweater. Either way, we have a feeling you’ll be wanting more, and we have quite the selection of boyfriends for you to choose from.

#DL1961 #boyfriendjeans


Kendall Jenner looks simply sweet in her DL denim. Whether she’s sipping on lemonade in our Emma in Boa jeans, or taking her Segway for a spin in our Cameron in Meringue shorts, we love how she keeps it #DL.



All eyes are on eyelet this spring! Hop on the trend and update your wardrobe for the warmer months ahead with a pair of our Angel ankle jeans in Abbey. With dainty eyelet detailing on the front, these chic jeans will give you an easy breezy ladylike look. Plus, they are constructed using our dlpro fabric, so they’re not only incredibly soft and stretchy, but also lightweight and 50% more absorbent than cotton, making them perfect for spring and summer weather. Shop the look on

#TuesdayTrends #DL1961


In an effort to make more effective use of our free time on the weekends, and avoid the ever-lingering temptation of limiting all body/mind activity to only those matters concerning the bed, sofa, TV and Seamless, my boyfriend and I decided to carpe diem and hit the streets for some fun in the sun. Donning our DL denim and some fresh graphic tees, we maneuvered our way around the city and managed to fit in an impressive amount of activity for one day if I do say so myself— From window shopping in Soho (where we got these dope rain jackets), to wine bars, to brunch and the movies, we had the freedom to do what we wanted, and the flexibility to keep it that way. That’s the thing about a nice pair of DL jeans—you have the freedom and flexibility to keep it moving. And not just in the physical sense, as our superior quality fabric blends and revolutionary fit technologies provide you with an incomparable 4-way stretch denim that takes comfort to the next level, but also in the social sense, as our premium denim gives you a style you can take with you anywhere. Whether you’re going to class, to work, to an event, or out with friends for a night on the town, when you’re rocking DLs, you’re rocking a premium, luxury denim brand with an elevated sense of style that puts your look a step above the rest. You are chic, stylish, and effortlessly cool, and who doesn’t love turning a few heads? But be advised- when you’re dressed to impress with your boo and doing it up in double the DL, you may want to avoid public places, because we guarantee you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

#Staysassy #DapperinDL #SohoSwag #NewYorkMoment


There is no shortage of style walking around our headquarters here in New York, and what’s a better pick for office outfit of the day than this head-to-toe (er…ankle) DL ensemble? Pairing our Amanda style skinny jeans in Moscow wash with a leather peplum top, this chick has the #DL look down and is turning showroom style up a notch.

#FashionFriday #oootd


There are few things sexier than a man in a suit jacket and jeans. It’s a sophisticated kind of cool, and with our stretch denim offering 360 degrees of movement, you’ll have all the flexibility you need for later on in the evening because let’s be serious, when you’re looking that good in your DLs, you’re bound for some action.

#suitup #DL1961


We live very busy lives in New York. We’re constantly on the run, moving from once place to the next, navigating our way through crowded streets and busy subway platforms in a rush to complete one of the twenty different “things” we have on our to-do lists today. We’re the city that never sleeps, and we want everything and everyone to keep pace with us. And that’s why DL1961 makes jeans that move with you. We’re the 24/7 jean for the 24/7 city. Using the most advanced, innovative fit technologies, we make it our mission to give you the best fitting jean you’ve ever slipped into. With complex fabric formulas that offer four-way stretch different from any other fabric on the market right now, we give you the flexibility and 360 degrees of movement you never expected from your jeans, but always dreamed of.

So we’ve got flexibility and movement covered on the outside, but what about the inside? In the midst of all our crazy schedules and hectic day-to-day lives, we can find ourselves moving so quickly, our minds racing so rapidly from thought to thought, our bodies so tense from the build up of stress from work, familial responsibilities, and pressure we put on ourselves, that we forget to focus on the now. The present moment becomes lost in a cloud of future anxieties and obligations that hangs over us like a hazy fog, preventing us from seeing the present with clarity and experiencing this very moment with every ounce of our being. It’s become increasingly difficult for us as a society to, for lack of a better phrase, “live in the moment”—which is why I am such an advocate for yoga. In fact, I think that everyone in this city (especially) should be prescribed yoga at least 3 times per week. In a world that’s moving so fast, with so many distractions, it’s important to find time for yourself, and do something positive for your body and mind.

This week I went to a yoga class at Laughing Lotus on 19th and 6th. As part of my New Year’s Resolution (which I admittedly rarely follow through with) I decided to start practicing yoga more regularly, and while I haven’t exactly gone as much as I’d like, this class was a powerful reminder of why I need to make it a priority. Despite feeling absolutely lethargic in the morning, my mind preoccupied by thoughts of what I had to get done over the course of the day, when I walked into the studio at 7am, my whole demeanor changed. The morning sun shone so beautifully through the wide frame windows that I instantly felt reinvigorated by the light of a new day. Our yoga instructor, Justin, had us sit on our mats, legs folded, eyes closed, and palms up, as he closed the drapes and led the class in a morning chant. When we finished, he opened the room to the morning light again and began talking us through the movements. Teaching from his own practices of deep awareness and energetic flow, he emphasized the importance of focusing on each moment, and each movement, as we experienced them. He challenged us to fully engage with present moment, and direct all of our energy towards focusing on body, mind and spirit connectivity with each pose. One of the most powerful things about yoga, beyond improving strength, flexibility, balance and posture, is how its principles and practices apply to everyday life. It reminds us about the importance of connecting with the mind, body and soul, and that truly living- truly experiencing- the present moment as it is now is something we have to practice during these increasingly chaotic times where we more often live in-between life’s fleeting moments than in them. In yoga, as in life, the practice is in finding and keeping our center, remaining flexible, finding our balance, and focusing on enjoying each and every experience as it comes. So next time you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed by what life’s throwing your way, remember to stop and take a breath, remain flexible to life’s ebbs and flows, and try incorporating some yoga into your life. If that doesn’t work, retail therapy always seems to do the trick.

#DL1961 #Yoga #TransformationTuesday #ClassPass


She’s having a love affair with someone who’s younger, more flexible, and softer to the touch. It’s #DL1961.

#JasmineTookes #keepitontheDL


DL1961 celebrated the AAFA win for “Brand of the Year” in Supermodel Style. Among our sexy and stylish guests were supermodels Tobias Sorensen, Corey Baptiste, Vladimir Ivanov and Vincent Lacrocq, as well as Kristell Chenut and Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes.



We had so much fun celebrating our AAFA win for “Brand of the Year” the other night—and it wouldn’t have been a fête without BMF Media’s Brian Feit in attendance! He is so #GQ.

#DL1961 #BMFMedia


Last night, in celebration of DL1961 being awarded “Brand of the Year” by the American Apparel and Footwear Association, we hosted a super cool event with GQ at Dream Downtown’s swanky little Mexican gem, Bodega Negra. Now, for those of you like myself who share a seemingly bottomless pit for a stomach, this was the perfect spot to overindulge in everything from tasty appetizers, to perfectly plated fish and meat dishes, to an assortment of sides and delicious desserts. The plates kept-a-comin’ and I kept-a-shovelin’ (don’t judge me- we all know calories don’t count if they’re consumed at a party). And did I mention the endless supply of drinks? Between the wine, the brews and the clementine infused cocktails, there was more than enough happy juice to go around, and the staff kept a generous hand throughout the evening.

As the clock approached midnight, I found myself chatting it up at the bar with some friends when suddenly, a flash across my phone and a friendly calendar reminder slapped me back into reality: Core Fusion Barre Class at Exhale Soho 8:15am. Oh world, how could you be so cruel? Anyone who knows me knows I take serious pleasure in following up my nights of excess with days of nothingness, so an 8:15am Barre class was not what I had in mind. Regardless, I had committed to doing this, so off I went. From one bar to the next, this is the diary of a girl who hit the bar(re) twice in 12 hours and escaped without a hangover (or personal injury).

When I arrived at Exhale studio in Soho, my mind immediately began flooding with memories from my days as a dancer- I felt exhausted just thinking about the years of rigorous training I endured. Reverting back to my old methods of determining how brutal a particular dance class would be on a given day, I quickly counted the number of people in class and came to the harsh realization that, much to my dismay, there were only 5 ladies in attendance on this bright Tuesday morning. With a class size this small, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide from the instructor too easily, so I went with plan B and employed the zero eye contact tactic, hoping this would somehow shield me from her view. Unfortunately, however, my plan did not work, so I surrendered to the Barre.

This hour-long, ballet-inspired workout focused on isolated exercises designed to target key muscle groups and provide you with a full body workout. Our instructor, who was a trained dancer, paid very close attention to our posture and alignment throughout the class, adjusting our body positions to ensure proper form with each movement. We performed a series of exercises, moving from our arms and chest, to abs, then down to our legs and booty, incorporating light weights, resistance bands, straps and exercise balls to increase the burn. While others took this opportunity to start pushing their bodies to new limits, I began practicing my usual distraction techniques in an effort to mentally remove myself from enduring such physical activity: I wonder how many ceiling tiles there are in this room? Let me count. I bet I can recite all the lyrics to the next 5 songs. Imagine if my ability to memorize lyrics translated into my schoolwork? I would be so good at Jeopardy. What should I eat today? I wonder what this lady does on the weekends, does her disciplined dance regime impact her social schedule? My oh my is the mind a powerful tool.

Before I knew it, the class was over. I can’t say it was my best experience, but I’m happy to report that I was the last one standing at this Barre.

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Guy Candy

According to my research, a daily dose of #guycandy has been proven to reduce stress, increase attentiveness and elevate one’s mood. Possible side effects include daydreaming and drool. In this case, I find myself daydreaming about what’s on his mind, and it’s either “When’s the best time for me to ask for her number?” Or perhaps, “Damn, I look good in my #DLs.”

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We love a good #FashionFriday look, and this time we’re seeing double. DL Headquarters has been #ambushed with our new Emma skinnies and we have to admit, we’re head over heels for this camo-cool style.

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It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian likes to show off her famous figure in curve-hugging styles that flatter her hourglass shape. So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to picking a premium denim that sculpts a sexy silhouette and covers her…ehem…best assets, she goes with DL1961. We’ve got you, girl.

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We love experimenting with denim colors and detailing to create unique pieces for our collections each season. In this limited edition Emma in Fatigue style, we mixed things up with a summery sherbet color, front pocket zipper detailing and leather side panels. Something about this look has us feeling peachy keen, what about you?

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At DL 1961 we demand more from our denim. Our focus is on rolling out high quality pieces in the freshest styles using the latest, most innovative technologies, because we think you always deserve to look and feel your best, wouldn’t you agree? So we’ve been busy leading a #denimrevolution, and our newest #Instasculpt technology offers you a revolutionary 4-way stretch denim that instantly microsculpts your legs, butt and midsection. I know, it almost brings a tear to your eye thinking about a jean that can do so much for you and expects nothing in return— it almost feels like love, doesn’t it?

Well, in the spirit of our #Instasculpt technology and the summer months ahead, we figured we’d bring you even more ways to sculpt and tone your body by teaming up with ClassPass to give you the scoop on the coolest fitness studios and workouts in New York. For those of you who haven’t heard of ClassPass, this monthly service gives members access to the best studios in the city for only $99/month. And for the next several weeks, I will be your own personal fitness guinea pig giving you the DL (pun intended) on what’s hot to check out, and what will have you reevaluating how much “exercise” you really get walking to and from the subway every day…(those stairs count too, right?). So stay tuned for the DL on what’s sexy, what’s sweaty, and what will leave you looking sculpted and svelte this summer!

This week I checked out Flex Studios in Union Sqaure and took a FlexPilates class that had me feeling the burn for days. When I first arrived at the studio, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about what I had signed myself up for— my eyes were greeted by some intimidatingly toned bodies and these foreign contraptions that go by the name of “reformers.” But let me tell you, if you are looking for a total-body workout that will tone and sculpt long lean muscles, and leave you feeling unbelievably svelte and sexy, this is the class for you.

Perhaps it was the look of confusion across my face that initially drew the instructor over to me, or it could have been my super cool socks that caught her eye, but either way, Jenn came right over with a warm welcome and instructed me on how to properly use the machines. Throughout the 55-minute form-focused workout, she was extremely helpful and attentive to each individual in the class of 10, and really made it feel like you were having a private, one-on-one personal training session with her. The studio was beautiful and the class size was perfect. Jenn’s upbeat and energetic attitude was absorbed by everyone in the class, and was further fueled by the high-energy music pumping through the speakers. With the machines providing resistance and a fluidity of movement that literally allows you to work every muscle in your body (who knew you could feel sore in your ribs?!) this FlexPilates class is a must. Believe me, once you give it a try, you’ll be hooked.

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The DL1961 #denimmovement is underway and we want you to be a part of it. Our latest #Instasculpt technology has been making some serious waves in the fashion scene and we have to admit, it’s well worth the buzz. This revolutionary 4-way stretch denim instantly microsculpts your legs, butt and midsection— putting the “skinny” back in skinny jeans. It’s no wonder celebrities like Kylie Jenner are hooked once they slip into a pair, and we think you’ll be, too! So treat your behind to something good, and show us your #DLdenimmoment.

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Fashion Blogger and modern day style icon Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad has a distinctive sense of style that brings glamour and edge to every look she puts together. Here she plays with textures and prints in an over-sized cable knit sweater and leopard print boots, perfectly paired with her DL1961 Emma jeans.

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Everyone in Hollywood seems to love rocking the red carpet in their DL1961s. We want to know who you think wore it best in this week’s #BattleoftheBlondes. Is it Leven Rambin, Emily VanCamp or January Jones?

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DL’s design team is constantly on the hunt for fresh denim inspiration. From deep blue indigo washes, to prints, to vintage-inspired distressed denim, our collection features an array of styles inspired by the colors, textures, and beauty we find all around us. We always want to keep you looking your finest, and we’ll keep creating beautiful jeans for a beautiful you.

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DL denim takes street chic style to the city of London with fashion blogger Christiana Weber. Dressed in her Emma skinnies, Christiana checked out the innovative retail store, Dover Street Market, created by fashion visionary Rei Kawakubo of Commes Des Garcons. This stunning multiplex houses covet-worthy selections from the world’s top fashion brands, bringing novelty and luxury to each floor. It is the ultimate fusion of art and fashion. We only have one request for next time—Can you pack us, too?

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If there’s anything we love, it’s exploring New York City when the sun is shining and those bitter winter months start to feel like a distant memory we’d soon like to forget. And for some reason, our adventures almost always seem to lead us to a NYC rooftop somewhere, feeling like we’re on top of the world with a sense of total freedom and reinvigoration as we look out over this beautiful, crazy city that never sleeps. With the wind effortlessly taking our locks to super-model wind-blown status, we found the perfect place to unwind and unleash our inner rockstars. This 24/7 city has met its match with our 24/7 jeans.

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There is nothing chicer than an all white look. But, most of us are not a six foot tall Scandavian model are hesitant to wear white, especially after a long carb filled winter. However our instantly slimming Emma, Angel or Amanda in Milk are designed to be flattering on all body types.

Tip: To look longer and leaner pair your white jeans with a white blouse or t-shirt for a super elongating, flattering and instantly fashion-forward look.


Our AW13 Runway show was watched by 90,000 people worldwide thanks to these gorgeous bloggers who streamed it live from the front row. Even though all of them are incredibly stylish, we have to ask the most important question, who wore it best? Andy, Chiara or Wendy? We are going to stay silent on this one, but please feel free to share your thoughts.

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Denim shirts are the perfect layering piece for those infamous New York Rooftop expeditions. This fresh blue wash is on trend, effortless and undeniably cool. Buy it now at



Spring fever is in the air, and what better way to turn up the heat and show off those stems than with a bright pop of color? We know, New York, it’s hard for us to break away from our all-black wardrobes—but we promise if you give it a try, you might just find yourself transported to a world of color, sun and beaches (even if you’re still looking at the concrete jungle from your window)!



With the weather finally warming up, most people are running on treadmills as opposed to running to Magnolia. But, here at DL Headquarters, since our jeans slim, tone and contour instantly, we can focus on more importants thing in life: like matching our cupcakes to our jeans.




Ashley Greene was spotted in Los Angeles this weekend wearing the DL1961 Amanda in Seville. This jean has the perfect amount of distressing around the knee to be on trend but not over the top.

Greene styles the jean perfectly with a stripe tee, black jacket & black ankle boots. This look is a great option for those looking to elevate their casual Saturday attire to the next level.

Ashley is wearing the Amanda Skinny in Seville, $158 available at DL1961



Soul Cycle, in its entirety, is addictive. This 45-minute class, costing you $30, includes climbs and sprints with weights. The atmosphere is candle lit and the instructors are no joke. The classes at Soul Cycle can only be described as an experience – it’s like a dance party and ass whooping all in one. Riders are encouraged to peddle to the music while instructors offer yogic inspiration.

I’ve been to spinning classes before but in no way would call myself a pro. Let me tell you, Soul Cycle is tough. It just is. It’s hard and you sweat but I swear to you when I say I’ve never been to such an inspirational work out class before in my life. It makes you want to do better, try harder, spin longer… Soul Cycle forces you to push yourself beyond your own imaginable beliefs. As I looked around the class I could tell that this wasn’t just any old workout class to these people, its more like a meeting. It’s something that they do each week, or each day even, to keep their lives balanced and happy. Its addictive, and I’ll definitely be buying another ounce…I mean class.



Classic blue jeans are a wardrobe staple for many of us. Andy Torres, founder and face of mega-blog The Style Scrapbook shows us how to reinvent basic blue by adding a statement coat and accessories.

By layering over a simple grey sweater and keeping her hair and makeup minimal, she balances out the bright tones and textures. This look is both classic yet striking. Don’t you agree?

Andy is wearing Amanda in Nirvana, $158 available on


If you’re a New Yorker in the know, you have either heard of or (if you’re lucky enough) ended up at 1OAK. This New York City hotspot is infamous for its notoriously strict door policy, intimidating bouncers and very selective crowd. You would think, Michael Goldberg, the man behind this venue would suffer from a severe attitude problem however I was pleasantly surprised when he was everything but.

Goldberg looks every inch the fashionable New York City nightlife extraordinaire you would expect him to be. Dressed in slim jeans, a white tee, baseball jacket and on-trend kicks, he exemplifies New York casual cool. At first, he’s a bit shy but once we got into a conversation about his passion for music, he came alive. “I am always searching for what’s new whether it be a band, DJ or performer. It’s all about staying fresh”, he explains. “When I first started, I changed up the music at 1OAK. I wanted to make it a little different than what you would usually expect.” This initially raised a few eyebrows but his efforts helped keep 1OAK as one of the most sought after venues in a city where even the hottest nightclubs have an expiration date.

As Director of Marketing of The Butter Group, his responsibilities go beyond the music but it is his first priority and the one that he dedicates a lot of his time too. He could easily be partying it up every night with celebrities, socialites and models at one of Butter’s exclusive venues but Goldberg likes to spend his evenings at underground concerts, performances and sometimes even at home. He’s relentless about finding the next big thing and thinking of how he can improve the experience for his clientele. The man definitely works hard and the results are apparent. The Butter Group is expanding rapidly and Goldberg’s drive definitely has something to do with it. When I asked if his age ever affected whether people took him seriously he shrugged and said “All the time. There is always someone who will doubt you because of it but that just meant I worked a lot harder. At the end of the day my work should count more than my age.”

Goldberg proves that you can be young, successful and still extremely down to earth. His depth, creativity and passion for taking things to the next level definitely make him one of the most fascinating New Yorkers I have ever met.


Fighting for online real estate, converting users and calculating unique impressions is the new blood sport. We live in a world where every Joe with a bright idea considers himself a ‘start-up’ and every girl with an iPhone 5 thinks taking ‘selfies’ of herself makes her a viable fashion blogger. But there is a clear separation between those who are the real deal and those who barely qualify as wannabes. Rest assured, the boys from Rap Genius are the absolute real deal. With 80 million impressions/month they are one of the most top ranking sites in the US and growing exponentially everyday. Their head offices are in Williamsburg where their team of real geniuses are making it possible for you to see artists like Kanye West and Chris Brown explain the lyrics to their mega popular songs.

The three founders, Mahbod Moghadam , Tom Lehman , and Ilan Zechory met at Yale University where they formed a friendship. It was after Moghadam graduated from Stanford Law that the boys got together to work on a unique idea to annotate popular rap song lyrics. If you’re unfamiliar with rap music you are probably wondering how many ways can you interpret songs about strippers, bottle service and Lamborghinis. However, one afternoon with Moghadam and you discover the intricacy, beauty and depth of rap. His passion for what he does is infectious and you can’t help be drawn in.

When I sat down with Mahbod I was surprised at how different he was from his Rap Genius personality. He infamously told certain tech icons to “F&*K off” and also claimed that while he was in a desert in Las Vegas, “Jesus came down and said wassup and told us that our site was going to be the biggest in the world.” All this had painted quite the vivid picture. So, naturally when I met him, one of the first things I asked him was whether it was all an act. He shrugged and said, “Yes of course”. People are intrigued by controversy and he certainly delivers.

For the next couple of hours we chatted about everything from how he went from being a Yale undergrad to working with some of the biggest rap artists in the business. “I’m actually going to LA next week to meet with Kanye to discuss his verified account. That’s so surreal”, he said humbly. In addition to being incredibly intelligent, I discovered that he is a poet, a rapper and somewhat of a fashionista. He not only completely changed my perception of rap but of what a tech entrepreneur was like. The three boys and their entire team have an incredible vibe: they are young, intelligent, determined, hardworking but definitely know how to have fun. They are great role models for today’s generation because although they may be working in an unconventional office (I mean they play ping pong in the middle of the day) they have the depth, the motivation and academic credentials to back it all up.


This weekend I realized that I have what it takes to be a good swinger – well, let me explain. I am always a fan of new workouts so when a friend asked me to try aerial yoga with her, I was all in. I should have realized that this was going to be a mess after I sneezed in the middle of the morning chant. Judging from the glares, I was definitely in the lead for most disliked yogi.

It took a little getting used to with the fabrics – they look and feel soft but in reality they are these pinching, tight little devils that try to make you fall out from underneath them. I counted five bruises this morning which was really great. At one point, I was completely encased in fabric and when I poked my head out it looked as if every member of the class was a baby in a womb.

PROS of the class: The teacher had great taste in music. Insert ‘Back to Black’ from the Great Gatsby soundtrack here.

CONS of the class: Pretty much everything else. Plus, I think my dream of becoming a trapeze artist is over as well.

Although I couldn’t wait to “Namaste” my way out of there, it was definitely an experience and something that I would try again. Except next time, I’m bringing kneepads.




Nestled on the corner of Broome and Ludlow, this Lower East Side bakery is not the standard corner shop sugar fix. The moment you walk into Babycakes you are transported to a fantasy world of scrumptious smelling candy colored confections beautifully hand crafted with love and sprinkled with perfection. It’s hard to believe all these delightful treats are gluten free, organic, vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free AND kosher. So hard to believe that I had to head downtown to see (and taste) for myself.

“We strongly believe in creating recipes with ingredients your body can process” explains Erin McKenna, founder and owner of Babycakes. “Sometimes it takes me weeks or even months to get the recipe right with the substitute ingredients.” I nodded my head in disbelief while Mckenna listed the ingredients she used and thought to myself, “I’m never giving up a cronut for this.” Then I tried her Samoa donuts. Everything changed and I felt like an idiot for doubting her. The texture, the perfect balance of sweetness in the cake combined with an immaculately glazed top layer and toppings made for a somewhat transformational treat. I couldn’t believe my taste buds. What made the treats even better was the lack of emotional guilt and physiological sickness that comes with a sugar overdose. I actually felt good.

This was Mckenna’s mission: to create guilt-free goods that don’t feel like substitutes but rather an improvement from what we are used to having in terms of both taste and health benefits. This dedication is what has made Babycakes such a huge success. Mckenna credits influential tastemakers for being her biggest advocates. “It was the people from the community that discovered the bakery and told all their friends and then word got around.” There is something really special and very New York about that.

There are big things in store for both Mckenna and Babycakes, most recently having partnered with Organic Avenue in New York to sell their treats at their stores. “It’s currently a small test to see if we can partner on an even bigger scale” she says with a smile. Since, more and more New Yorkers have traded in their morning coffee for a green juice, I know that adding those sweet treats to the mix will be a hit. Babycakes is also now available at Disneyland, home to the unhealthiest food on earth. It will definitely be a welcome change from the calorific hot dogs, burgers and pizzas.

All of this couldn’t happen to a nicer person. Not only is Mckenna a talented baker and savvy businesswoman but she is also a very hands-on wife and mother. I left the interview feeling so inspired. She credits her glowing skin, lustrous locks and calm nature to a regime of meditation, good for you food and the occasional indulgence truly proving that with the right attitude you really can have your cake, eat it and still look amazing.



1½ cups flour
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed (optional)
¼ cup brown sugar, packed
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
¼ teaspoon salt
1½ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 small can (14 to 16 oz) pumpkin puree
½ cup buttermilk
For Glaze:

½ tablespoon milk
4 tablespoons powdered sugar

In a small bowl, combine all dry ingredients. Set aside.
In a separate bowl, mix vanilla, pumpkin and buttermilk.
Add dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and whisk by hand until fully
Fill each donut reservoir with about 2 tablespoons of batter.
Bake about 4 minutes or until fully baked.
While allowing donuts to cool, mix together glaze ingredients.
Dip donuts into glaze and allow to cool before enjoying.
Yields approximately 30 donut